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Amanda is the co-host of the Virtual Economy podcast, mama at Ready Player Mom (and part of the Radically Kind Gamers stream team) on Twitch, business & entertainment writer, and co-host on the Engaged Family Gaming podcast. Amanda also holds a seat on the board of directors at Hit Save! (a video game preservation nonprofit) as Director of Communications.

Why Today is #ADayOffTwitch (Interview)

Content creators on Twitch are speaking out and taking action against the Amazon-owned livestreaming service for its failures in protecting users on its platform.

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Jonas Antonsson on Raw Fury’s New Majority Investor (Interview)

Raw Fury has announced that it has agreed to a majority acquisition by Altor, a Swedish investment group. This marks Altor’s first investment in the video game industry, and a major turning point for Raw Fury, which has found success with a portfolio of more than 25 games, including the recent releases of Backbone and…

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CD Projekt’s Pretty Words are Nothing Without Meaningful Culture Change

CDProjekt Red, despite its parent-company’s status as a public traded corporation, has often been lauded by fans as the scrappy little studio that could. The studio behind the celebrated Witcher franchise has crafted beloved experiences with complex characters and deep narrative branches that many consider to be among the best games of the last generation….

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Beyond Tom Nook: Reflecting on Animal Crossing One Year Later

A year after Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ launch, we examine the cultural zeitgeist and business implications of the game’s incredible successes.

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2020’s Biggest Trends … and Where They’re Heading in 2021

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on the trends that defined the past year and what we expect from the coming 12 months.

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