Embracer Group

Episode 137: Embracer Group Ate Middle-earth Enterprises for Second Breakfast (News Show)

Embracer Group’s latest spending spree nets them one of the world’s most recognizable IPs (and much more). Also: Unity slumps amid hostile takeover, Take-Two posts losses on Zynga acquisition, Nintendo is in the hot seat again, Activision commits to the union-busting bit, and NPD for July 2022 as spending continues its slide back to pre-pandemic levels.

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Episode 131: GameStop is Bleeding (News Show)

GameStop revenues are up, but other indicators are looking ugly. Also, Microsoft takes steps toward supporting unions, Xbox cloud gaming evolves, EA tries to repair Pride damage and more.  You can support Virtual Economy’s growth via our Ko-Fi and also purchase Virtual Economy merchandise! TIME STAMPS [00:00:29] – GameStop Earnings [00:06:35] – Investment Interlude [00:10:15]…

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Episode 126: Square Enix’s Shocking Western Sell-Off (News Show)

Square Enix bids farewell to its western CEO and studios, but Embracer is ready to hug ‘em tight. Also: Sony makes the new PS+ even more confusing, Activision shareholders sign-off on acquisition, and more.

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