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Episode 127: The Game Industry Is Deathly Quiet on Abortion Rights (News Show)

The game industry loves to trot out its support for Women’s History Month, but most companies are avoiding standing up for abortion rights. It’s time for developers and publishers to take a stand. Also: Paradox earnings, Fortnite is back on iOS and Android (thanks to Microsoft), the war for Turtle Beach, NYC sues Activision, and…

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Episode 126: Square Enix’s Shocking Western Sell-Off (News Show)

Square Enix bids farewell to its western CEO and studios, but Embracer is ready to hug ‘em tight. Also: Sony makes the new PS+ even more confusing, Activision shareholders sign-off on acquisition, and more.

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Episode 124: Some Activision Shenanigans Afoot in the California Governor’s Office (News Show)

It’s a rapid-fire episode, filled with nerdy chats about pen-and-paper RPGs, which $1-$2B company Jack Tretton is going to eat in a “SPACquisition”, and Gov. Gavin Newsom selling out workers for Activision. You can support Virtual Economy’s growth via our Ko-Fi and also purchase Virtual Economy merchandise! TIME STAMPS [00:01:47] – Investment Interlude [00:24:38] –…

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