Episode 140: E3, WISE FWOM YAW GWAVE (News Show)

E3 lives, Stadia dies, and Twitch continues to make bad moves that alienate its community. Also: Saudi Arabia and Tencent look to step up investments, and a beefy labor report.

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Episode 129: Jim Ryan’s Tone Deaf Meow Meow Storytime Hour (News Show)

There’s a right way to respond to a civil liberties crisis. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan went a different way. Also: NPD for April 2022, Raven workers vote to unionize as Activision Blizzard draws the NLRB’s ire, Sony discrimination lawsuit is back in play, developers revive anticompetition suit against Valve, Saudi Arabia takes a bite of Nintendo, and more.

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Why Today is #ADayOffTwitch (Interview)

Content creators on Twitch are speaking out and taking action against the Amazon-owned livestreaming service for its failures in protecting users on its platform.

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