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Mike has spent more than a decade in the video game industry as a critic and journalist. In 2013, he joined Game Informer as news editor, covering business and legal stories. After leaving in 2016, he teamed up with Bithell Games to author The GameDev Business Handbook and The GameDev Budgeting Handbook, designed to help demystify foundational business concepts for those starting their own studios. He has since been freelancing for Polygon, Variety, GameDaily, and GamesBeat on timely business topics while also leveraging his experience to help independent developers with business strategy and pitching. Mike has also worked with AAA developers and publishers on pre-announcement strategy, messaging, and trade show presentation preparation. He has also completed a number of mock previews and reviews.

Epic’s Game Store ‘Losses’ Don’t Tell the Whole Story

What is the difference between “losing money” and “investing?” That’s one question the courts will be examining when Epic’s antitrust suit against Apple goes to trial next month. And it’s one that has captivated the game industry over the last week as details of the Epic Game Store’s financials have come to light. Typically when…

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What PAX Online Must Improve in its Second Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on nearly every industry. And while video game makers have largely benefitted from being the only entertainment medium perfectly suited for lockdown, adjacent industries have suffered, especially live events. Some event organizers, like GDC, the Game Devs of Color Expo, and Boston FIG have made exceptional strides in pivoting…

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Discord Wants to Tie the $10 Billion Knot, But Which Suitor is Best?

Reports indicate Discord is looking for a buyer. We look at the potential suitors and how those relationships might look.

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2020’s Biggest Trends … and Where They’re Heading in 2021

Each year, we take a moment to reflect on the trends that defined the past year and what we expect from the coming 12 months.

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Raw Fury Pulls Back Curtain on Publishing Contracts

How do you know you’re getting a good deal from a publisher if you don’t know what a good deal looks like? Over the years, Raw Fury has built a reputation of being a developer-friendly publisher. Today, the publisher has broken with the game industry’s code of silence, sharing its standard publishing agreement. This gives…

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