The console market is going through major changes as hardware prices stay high and first party needs to pivot audience strategy. Nintendo may be struggling to find a break-even for its Switch successor, prompting a later release than we anticipated. Also: Embracer Group woes continue, Hasbro loses a ton.

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  • [00:01:12] – Sony Earnings for Q3 FY24
  • [00:18:37] – Starbreeze Earnings for FY23
  • [00:26:13] – Embracer Group Earnings for Q3 FY24
  • [00:41:48] – Bandai Namco Earnings Notes for Q3 FY24
  • [00:43:48] – Hasbro Earnings Notes for FY23
  • [00:46:46] – Xbox Reveals Multiplatform Plans
  • [00:49:10] – Epic Games Store Year in Review 2023
  • [00:52:22] – Investment Interlude
  • [01:04:24] – Quick Hits
  • [01:13:12] – Labor Report
  • [01:22:11] – What Happens if the Switch 2 Doesn’t Come Out in 2024?
  • [01:36:13] – Listener Questions



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