Episode 139: Yves Guillemot Can’t Fix Ubisoft’s Culture Problems (News Show)

Ubisoft leadership has all but given up on fixing the company’s culture as Tencent increases its ownership stake. Also: NPD for August 2022, GameStop bleeds, Square Enix reconsiders how it approaches studio ownership, 343 loses its leader, and Microsoft and Sony continue to butt heads in the UK over Activision acquisition.

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Episode 127: The Game Industry Is Deathly Quiet on Abortion Rights (News Show)

The game industry loves to trot out its support for Women’s History Month, but most companies are avoiding standing up for abortion rights. It’s time for developers and publishers to take a stand. Also: Paradox earnings, Fortnite is back on iOS and Android (thanks to Microsoft), the war for Turtle Beach, NYC sues Activision, and…

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