Episode 132: Slurping From The Game Firehose (News Show)

There was a lot to learn from the 2022 Keigh3 / Not-E3 / Game Mess showcases, and we’ve got beefy trend analysis for you! Also: NPD for May 2022, Microsoft takes more union-positive steps, EA and Ubisoft slash executive compensation, Activision shareholders do lots wrong (but one thing right), and a double FAFO!

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Episode 128: You Can Stop Buying GTA V Now (Earnings Show)

No really. They’ve sold 165 million copies. Do you really need more? It’s a busy earnings show, but we coast through it smooth as Strauss Zelnick’s haircut. On this episode: Zynga, Nintendo, Sony, EA, Roblox, Bandai Namco, Starbreeze, Remedy, Capcom, Unity, Sega, Square Enix, and Take-Two. You can support Virtual Economy’s growth via our Ko-Fi…

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