We’re back for Season 4! Good thing we’re not on HBO Max, amirite? The ghosts of Ubisoft’s failure to care for its employees are now haunting its financial performance. Also: Let’s talk about D&D and Hasbro’s huge, shortsighted missteps with the OGL, Epic has been slapped with a fine over Fortnite, Zenimax QA workers unionize, while Activision Blizzard moves to make things hard for workers at recently acquired Proletariat.

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  • [00:02:34] – Dungeons & Dragons Rolls a Critical Miss
  • [00:23:13] – Ubisoft’s No Good, Very Bad Day
  • [00:34:48] – A Pair of Fortnite Stories
  • [00:48:47] – Investment Interlude
  • [01:05:02] – Quick Hits
  • [01:19:40] – Labor Report



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