The game industry loves to trot out its support for Women’s History Month, but most companies are avoiding standing up for abortion rights. It’s time for developers and publishers to take a stand. Also: Paradox…

QA workers at Activision-owned Raven Software have been given the go-ahead from the NLRB to unionize. Also: Hardware supply continues to be challenging according to latest NPD report, Nintendo is facing its own labor issues, and Sony scores a partial victory in court.

Activision Blizzard is accused of participating in a cover-up related to the death of one of its employees at a company retreat. Also: An update on video game industry action over Ukraine crisis, Epic purchases Bandcamp, Intellivision in trouble, and more.

Another week, another round of companies thinking they can make NFT fetch happen. Also: 35 states back Epic against Apple. Wordle has a new owner, Activision is actively union busting, a bunch of investment stories, and a double dose of FAFO goodness… badness… FAFOness.