Lucasfilm Games is back, and we’re discussing what it all means. We also chat about GameStop’s holiday sales, December 2020 NPD, Steam’s year in review, Riot and Bungie going for the jugular in a lawsuit against a cheat app maker, the Moonrise Fund, 2020’s huge year of investment deals, and more Cyberpunk drama. 


  • [00:01:22] GameStop 2020 Holiday Sales
  • [00:12:22] Riot and Bungie Taking Down GatorCheats
  • [00:21:26] Glitch announces the Moonrise Fund
  • [00:30:20] Global Video Game Deals Report 2002 (InvestGame) & Our 2020/21 Trends
  • [00:32:18] Quick Hits
  • [00:41:09] Capcom Ransomware Update
  • [00:44:01] NPD December 2020 Report
  • [01:02:10] Steam 2020 Year In Review
  • [01:14:37] CD Projekt Group Is At It Again
  • [01:33:09] Lucasfilm Games is BACK BABY!


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