New year. New season. Virtual Economy is back with a news-filled show covering more Cyberpunk 2077, Raw Fury dropping lots of business documents, our trends predictions for the year, Tencent’s takeover of Leyou, Nintendo’s Next Level Games purchase, and more.


  • [00:01:40] Cyberpunk 2077 sales and share value fallout
  • [00:12:33] Hey. Armed insurrection and an attempted coup of the United States is bad. Black Lives Matter. Trans Rights are Human Rights. White supremacy is garbage.
  • [00:14:14] Tencent acquires Leyou
  • [00:19:21] Nintendo acquires Next Level Games
  • [00:25:38] Epic bought a mall
  • [00:32:50] FTC reprimands Tapjoy for deceptive practices
  • [00:37:25] Quick Hits
  • [00:49:03] Roblox IP… no?
  • [01:03:00] The Sinking City relisted as Frogwares vs Nacon continues
  • [01:11:00] Dissecting the Raw Fury contract
  • [01:37:00] A look at the trends of 2020 and what we expect from 2021


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2 comments on “Episode 64: Get Lost, 2020. Hello… Oh. Oh no. (News Show)

  1. Jon Shafer Jan 16, 2021

    First off, love the show! As a former podcast host I know how much work goes into putting out episodes regularly.

    I had a thought regarding the Roblox IPO. I suspect one of the biggest reasons why Roblox pulled back and plans to come back later for a direct listing is that by doing so they cut out the middle man (banks) which always receive a really sweet deal to help bring a company to market. With tech stocks hot and a larger number of business-types-for-hire with experience bringing companies to the public market I suspect Roblox feels pretty confident about going it alone, especially since DoorDash and Airbnb just IPOed and their stocks both exploded.

    Thanks again, keep up the great work.

    – Jon

    • Thanks for listening and for the comment, Jon! They absolutely cut out the middle man, which as you point out is a BIG deal. I’m still wondering how the absence of new stock is going to impact trade volume, float, and share price. Going to be very interesting!