Wizards of the Coast squandered goodwill to find itself right back where it started. Also: Earnings season has begun, the GDC State of the Industry report shows developers put the smackdown on Web3, NPD for December shows a bit of lift, and (as we grimly expected) we’re in the layoff bad times.

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  • [00:01:17] – Learnings for the GDC State of the Industry Report
  • [00:26:42] – Wizards of the Coast Fizzles OGL Update
  • [00:30:05] – Microsoft Q2 FY23 Earnings
  • [00:41:33] – Investment Interlude
  • [00:45:38] – Quick Hits
  • [00:52:36] – Labor Report
  • [00:57:05] – NPD for December 2022



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