Episode 124: Some Activision Shenanigans Afoot in the California Governor’s Office (News Show)

It’s a rapid-fire episode, filled with nerdy chats about pen-and-paper RPGs, which $1-$2B company Jack Tretton is going to eat in a “SPACquisition”, and Gov. Gavin Newsom selling out workers for Activision. You can support Virtual Economy’s growth via our Ko-Fi and also purchase Virtual Economy merchandise! TIME STAMPS [00:01:47] – Investment Interlude [00:24:38] –…

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Episode 118: Bad Management Decisions Open a Can of Worms (News Show)

Team17’s decision to dabble in NFTs has empowered employees to talk about the company’s history of workplace problems. Also: Trouble at Intellivision, Microsoft gets ahead of regulation, and SPACs run into problems…

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