Episode 82: Epic vs. Apple: The Fight for Your Money (News Show)

May 8, 2021

Lawsuits are good for two things: making lawyers rich and learning about the super secretive game industry. We break down all of the interesting learnings from the court case. Also, Sony is facing a class action lawsuit over its digital game code policy, Tencent is negotiating to keep its US game investments, M&A Minute, and more.

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  • [00:01:28] — Epic V. Apple (Week 1)
  • [00:50:27] — M&A Minute
  • [00:53:35] — Quick Hits
  • [01:14:08] — Listener comment
  • [01:17:48] — Listener question
  • [01:25:30] — Tencent and the Committee for Financial Investment in the US



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