Episode 87: GameStop is getting into NFTs and we want to die (News Show)

May 29, 2021

Sony’s IR Day has revealed more of the company’s strategy, successes, and shortcomings. We also discuss the “SteamPal” report, PAX Online scaled back (and more realistic) pricing, updates on some stories from last week, and GameStop getting into NFTs. Ew.

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  • [00:02:00] – Update on Take-Two and The Outer Worlds
  • [00:05:01] – Update on Netflix’s Gaming Ambitions
  • [00:06:55] – Update on Ubisoft’s Efforts to Fix its Workplace Culture
  • [00:14:34] – NPD Report for April 2021
  • [00:23:58] – Investment Interlude
  • [00:34:21] – Quick Hits
  • [00:52:31] – Sony Strategy Plans from its latest IR Day
  • [01:11:47] – PAX Online 2021 Pitch Deck Analysis



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