Episode 84: ‘Stadia is Alive and Well’ and Other Optimistic Thoughts (News Show)

May 15, 2021

Google is doing everything it can to convince developers not to give up on working with Stadia, but is it enough? Also: Epic v Apple Week 2, Gree exerts patent power in $100m court win, E3 Online starts to take shape, Embracer gobbles up four more studios, and more.

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  • [00:00:57]: Epic v Apple Week 2
  • [00:11:20]: Gree v Supercell Ruling
  • [00:15:19]: Investment Interlude
  • [00:26:04]: Quick Hits
  • [00:42:35]: E3 Online Details
  • [00:49:17]: Google Stadia is “alive and well” — how’re you?







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