Episode 72: The Last Temptation of “DeepF-ingValue” (News Show)

February 20, 2021

Keith Gill, better known as WallStreetBets’ “DeepF*ingValue” and “RoaringKitty”, testified before congress and has been sued by angry GameStonk investors. We also discuss Phil Harrison’s failed leadership and purposely misleading Stadia developers, Microsoft’s enhanced accessibility offerings, Starbreeze’s turnaround, and Apple trying to rope Valve into its defense.


  • [00:00:35] – PS5 DualSense Class Action Suit
  • [00:02:35] – GDC is going completely online in 2021
  • [00:08:15] – Keith “DeepF*ingValue” Gill sued for his role in the GameStonk event
  • [00:30:32] – Microsoft stories (Accessibility, Cloud Gaming, and FPS Boost)
  • [00:34:28] – Starbreeze completes its financial and organizational reconstruction
  • [00:43:22] – Quick Hits
  • [01:07:22] – Bungie expands and announces work on a new IP
  • [01:13:15] – Update on Epic lawsuit and news about Fortnite’s Short Nite film event
  • [01:17:50] – Remedy’s very good earnings report
  • [01:19:36] – Nintendo Direct takeaways
  • [01:29:56] – Phil Harrison gaslit Stadia developers


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