Episode 39: EA Shareholders Vote NO on Exec Compensation (News Show)

August 15, 2020

We’re talking about executive pay again, as EA and Activision shareholders start to speak up about outsized compensation packages! We also discuss Halo Infinite’s delay and how Microsoft will adapt, the leaked Xbox Series X|S controller and release date, Warner Bros. layoffs as WBIE appears to be staying put, and 505’s unpopular decision to limit Control’s free next-gen upgrade to the new Ultimate Edition (leaving early adopters out in the cold).

[0hr:0min] Earnings discussion – Sega, Paradox, and Embracer Group

[0hr:41min] News discussion

[1hr:36min] BREAKING NEWS – Oh, and Epic created a payment structure for Fortnite to circumvent the App Store 30% platform fee. Apple banned Fortnite. Epic sued Apple for monopolistic practices. You know. No big deal.

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