With Microsoft’s Activision acquisition closed, the Xbox leadership team has reorganized in some unexpected ways. Also: Microsoft and Capcom earnings, more layoffs, Paradox says goodbye to Harebrained Schemes, Unity boots John Riccitiello, and we have the latest Circana report on U.S. Game spending.

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  • [00:02:49] – Circana report on U.S. Video Game Spending for September 2023
  • [00:17:47] – Unity gives John Riccitiello the boot
  • [00:24:16] – Microsoft Q1 FY24 Earnings
  • [00:36:51] – Capcom Q2 FY24 Earnings
  • [00:42:31] – Investment Interlude
  • [00:52:41] – Quick Hits
  • [01:03:44] – Labor Report
  • [01:12:25] – Let’s Talk about the GaaSacre 
  • [01:20:08] – Listener Questions



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