Embracer Group’s latest spending spree nets them one of the world’s most recognizable IPs (and much more). Also: Unity slumps amid hostile takeover, Take-Two posts losses on Zynga acquisition, Nintendo is in the hot seat again, Activision commits to the union-busting bit, and NPD for July 2022 as spending continues its slide back to pre-pandemic levels.

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  • [00:] – Unity Q2 FY22 Earnings
  • [00:] – Take-Two Q1 FY23 Earnings
  • [00:] – Thunderful Group H1 FY22 Earnings
  • [00:] – Remedy H1 FY22 Earnings
  • [00:] – Embracer Group Q1 FY23 Earnings
  • [00:] – Investment Interlude (Embracer Group Spending Spree)
  • [00:] – Quick Hits
  • [00:] – Labor Report (Nintendo, Activision)
  • [00:] – NPD for July 2022



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