We’re back for the start of Season 3 with some trends chat from Steam’s Best of 2021 report, PSVR2, the latest labor news, and a whole lot of acquisitions to discuss (Embracer, Take-Two, and Tencent took some big swings). And we need to talk about E3…

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  • [00:04:24] – Trends and Learnings from Steam’s Best of 2021
  • [00:27:15] – PSVR2 Details
  • [00:35:36] – Investment Interlude (Embracer Group acquires Asmodee, Dark Horse, and more; Tencent acquires Turtle Rock; Take-Two plans to acquire Zynga)
  • [01:04:43] – Quick Hits
  • [01:29:16] – Labor Update (Vodeo, Activision, Bungie, Riot)
  • [01:47:16] – FAFO Award



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