On this week’s show: Tripwire Interactive CEO tanks his studio’s reputation with a single tweet before showing himself the door, Epic vs Apple is over (and Apple mostly won), Twitch sues hate raiders as it scrambles to do evidence it’s doing anything to stop harassment on its platform, Paradox employees speak out against toxicity, and more.

Update: After we published, Epic filed a notice of appeal after the ruling in its case against Apple. So, despite our earlier show note, it isn’t over yet!

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  • [00:01:08] – Tripwire Interactive’s (former) CEO wants to control women’s bodies
  • [00:21:47] – Paradox Interactive employees stand up against a toxicity
  • [00:28:39] – Sony’s State of Play was a strong showing, though the format was iffy
  • [00:43:27] – Twitch sues alleged hate raider ringleaders
  • [00:49:17] – Investment Interlude
  • [00:57:39] – Quick Hits
  • [01:11:54] – Epic vs. Apple is OVER
  • [01:23:08] – Two companies adopt new permanent work policies in the wake of the pandemic
  • [01:27:03] – GameStop Q2 FY22 and a potential partnership with… AMC Theatres?



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